Bravo, Harriet Veitch!

Bravo, Harriet Veitch! “[W]hat are you going to do with yourself when you get old and turn into a granny or granddad? You won’t be hip-hopping to your iPod on your motor scooter the way you think; you’ll be crocheting blankets for the grandbabies or carving cots because you can’t afford to buy one at McIkea. Someone will have to teach you these crafts, and it will be people like us, the ones you scorn right now.” Let’s hear it for the knitters, the crafters, the handworkers, and the bakers!


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  1. but and’t I ‘hip hop to my iPod’ while I knit?

  2. but can’t I ‘hip hop to my iPod’ while I knit?
    (bloody typo)

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