Knitting for Charity

Knitting for Charity
My KnitWits group at work has decided to do some knitting for “Wraps With Love”, a local group that donates knitted blankets to the needy. Any Aussie knitters want to join us? I’ll volunteer to collect the squares, sew them togther (or host a sewing party), and send them off to the charity. Let me know if you’d like to participate!

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  1. I can’t right now…
    sadly I had to rip out my Cheezy Love last night. I got past the decending and it was WAY too big…bummer. But I’m casting back on tonight so hopefully that ruffle wont take me a week to do. yikes!

  2. That sucks! I tried mine – I’m doing the large – on at the same point a few days ago and it was doing all right. Maybe a little stretchy, but still figure-hugging. I figure even if it’s a little bit big now, I’ll need the extra ease by the time I get to my boobs. What size needles are you using? I settled on 5mms. I’m going to post an update on it soon and list some of the decrease/increase issues I’ve been having.

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