Weekend Update

Weekend Update
Three-day weekends are just glorious, aren’t they? It’s the perfect amount of weekend time. We had one day for socializing, one day for housework, and one day for hobbies. It was brilliant.

  • Friday night: Stayed up late to watch The Mummy on TV and work on my sweater.
  • Saturday morning: Took Amy to the vet for her last kitten vaccination. She whined and struggled the whole way there. Not fun.
  • Saturday afternoon: Workout time! Legs and biceps.
  • Later Saturday afternoon: Drinkies with friends. We got to see Mr. and Mrs. Healy for the first time since their honeymoon. I also partook of a hookah for the first time in my life. Apple tobacco tastes like candy!
  • Saturday night: Dinner at JuJu’s in King’s Cross with Andrew and Kathleen. It’s supposed to be one of the best and most authentic Japanese places in the city. You have to take your shoes off when you go in! At one point I got up to go to the bathroom and Andrew warned me about “weird bathroom etiquette.” My mind immediately flashed: “Ass towels!” But it wasn’t. Instead you just had to slip on these weird sports sandals to go in. The food was fabulous though. I ate fish egg udon! I just pretended that the little orange dots were spices instead of little fishy ova.
  • Sunday: House cleaning. Majorly. I even went through my clothes and picked out all the crap I never wear to take to the op shop. I also rearranged everything to put my summer stuff away. *sniff*
  • Sunday evening: I dug out my Handspring PDA and put fresh batteries in it. Then I installed this KnitAble software to keep track of my knitting. I catalogued my whole stash!
  • Monday morning: Knit, knit, knit. The Snook brewed beer.
  • Monday afternoon: Gym time again! Shoulders, triceps, and abs. And I ran 2.5 km. And the Snook brewed beer.
  • Monday night: Watched Queer Eye – How great was the Mullet Man? I loved him! – and finished my sweater! And the Snook brewed beer. Well, actually he stopped for a bit to play photographer. We ended up doing a little sweater fashion show. I’m really happy with how it turned out. (In case anybody is Googling, this is the Janetta Dexter Sampler Sweater from Jacqueline Fee’s The Sweater Workshop. I had to add a few extra designs to get the length I wanted.) I didn’t know drop shoulders looked so good on me! I am now the queen of two-handed fairisle knitting. The only problem is the thing is so damn warm I’ll only be able to wear it for one month a year. *sigh*

Janetta Dexter Sampler Sweater   Janetta Dexter Sampler Sweater   Janetta Dexter Sampler Sweater   Janetta Dexter Sampler Sweater


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  1. the sweater looks great! and i dig your funky hair.

  2. Gorgeous sweater! I’m very impressed.

  3. you rule. it took me 3 days just to finish a 4″ guage swatch. hmm.

    hookahs rule! love ’em, and i think kelly will soon log on and second that.

    and i don’t know about that hair, but as long as it’s tied back for the wedding, i don’t care! you’re wearing TAUPE, by the way. 🙂 hee!

  4. the sweater does look great! the best thing i’ve ever knit was a mis-shapened scarf that actually looks more like a square wash cloth with holes in it 🙁

  5. Thanks for the compliments, everybody!

    Taupe? Great. It’ll blend right in with my skin. I’ll look like I’m nude. I hope you’re happy!

    Actually I went with the funky hair knowing that it will have faded considerably by the wedding. So no worries, I’ll be mostly blond again by then.

  6. My gosh! You must knit like your Grandma Harter. She can knit like a fiend too! It look’s really pretty.

  7. I LOVE JuJu’s. Did you guys stay for the karaoke? Fun stff man. And the sweater looks friggin’ awesome dude!

  8. Thanks, Ma. I feel stupid for having you send all that extra wool though. I only used about half of it. I didn’t realize how much less the sleeves would use. Oh well, I guess I can make a matching hat and mittens!

    We missed the karaoke, as we got there at 7 and the singing doesn’t start til after 10. I definitely want to go back for it though! 🙂

  9. speaking of…(forgot to tell you)…yours truly and yours-truly’s-fiance both recently qualified for the semifinals of a karaoke contest in LA! watch out, nick & jessica…

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