Support me in the 40 Hour Famine

Pay me NOT to eat!
No, I haven’t been kidnapped. That photo on the right is just my way of announcing that I’ll be participating in World Vision Australia’s 40 Hour Famine this year. The idea is that people sponsor me to go forty hours without food. It takes place May 14-16, starting at 8 pm on the Friday. All proceeds go towards hunger relief in Tanzania. This page contains more information on how to donate. Everyone who contributes will get listed and linked, and I plan to make hand-crafted thank-you gifts for you all as well. And of course, I plan to blog the entire event. I’ll probably be obsessing about food, so feel free to send me your favorite recipes to post. Will I faint? Will I go mad? Will I start hallucinating that the Snook is a giant hotdog? I really have no idea.

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  1. I’m so there, babe. What name do we paypal?

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