BB4 starts!

Big Brother 4 started last night and at last the big secret is revealed: The winner will take home a million bucks! I was pretty satisfied with that revelation (though I would’ve loved it if the “monkey in the house” rumor had been true). The other big reality shows have all gone to a million, and Big Bro needed the raise to compete. I also like the idea that they aren’t going to tell the housemates for a while. So many of them gave “It’s the experience!” as their reason for going in, it’ll be interesting to see if they change their tunes once they hear the prize has quadrupled. I was also really happy with the “Back to Basics” approach of the show. The house is huge but it’s basically the same layout as last year. The Kickoff Show was fairly fast-paced and I liked that they just introduced the contestants, showed a quick clip of rejected people, and then got them into the house. (None of that whole “introduce pairs of people but only let a few in” thing they did last year.) The contestants themselves are a mixed bag, I think. There were a couple interesting people – I liked Trevor, Merlin, and Catherine right off the bat – but several of the girls just seemed like cookie-cutter “girlz gone wild!” types. I was pleased that some of them were over 30, but a little dismayed at the lack of overweight and gay people. (I like to have all the stereotypes represented in my reality shows.) But hey, Gretel didn’t look too bad! I was mesmerized by her boobs all night. How do you do that? Snookums thinks she had secret powerful structural apparatus hidden under her armpits. All in all, I think it was a much better kickoff than last year. I’ll be watching.


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  1. Yeah, I thought Gretel’s cleavage looked great! I think she must have had some pretty serious glamour-tape happening there (whatever distracts from her gaudy face I guess, hee! )

    I’ve already picked who I’m going to hate this year: cursed be thy name IGOR. A vote against him is a vote against all Chapel Street tossers 🙂

  2. Ooh, what are Chapel Street tossers? Is this a Melbourne thing? I didn’t mind Igor too much, though I think he looks like a shorter, balder version of that guy who got runner up in the first series that’s now on Neighbours. (And didn’t one of the chicks call him something funny when she was moving his suitcase? I can’t remember what it was now.)

    The one I hated was that very last little blond guy. Wesley? The one that was kicking the punching bag in the house. I was like, “No man that has undergone puberty talks like that.” He reminded me of Brian the obnoxious waiter from “Office Space.”

  3. I was ready to strangle Krystal three seconds after she walked into the house. Not only did she push her way to the front to be first in, she then didn’t introduce herself to anyone and was only interested in running around the house screaming. Couple that with the fact that she just blends in with a few of the other blonde contestants and I’m afraid she has to go.

    I reckon the winner of BB4 will be Trevor or Ryan (I liked Trevor straight away when he said he wanted to win the money, none of the “I’m in it for the experience” crap).

  4. I had to flip through Women’s Day in the local cafe to verify that the one with the squeaky voice was Kane, not Wesley. But like I said, they’re all so damn interchangeable.

    Yeah, I liked Trevor and Ryan. Was Krystal the one that kept mentioning boobs? She was like, “Whoops! My boobs are gonna fall out!” and “Hey, yours are gonna fall out too!”

  5. Yeah Chapel St is a trendy fashion/cafe precinct in Melbourne. Full of nice night spots…but unfortunately also full of total wankers like IGOR! I will not rest until he’s eliminated! 🙂

  6. Hey WG I love your site found it thru Catboys recommendation however wish to point out the BB house isnt as big as it seems on TV its quite small, I have been on a tour through there after the last one and well I thought it was way bigger too but not with all 12 or however many they have in there at the beginning.

  7. Hmmm, maybe all the mirrors make it look bigger. 🙂

  8. Well the room is needed for the camera runs as they are quite wide…..

    it looks huge but not very it would be hard with all of them there at once.

  9. Does anyone else think Krystals boobs aren’t real?

  10. Didn’t they discuss that during the whole “truth vs. lies” thing on Sunday? They all guessed they were fake but she said they’re actually real. (She also claims she dated Shaggy though, so there’s a HUGE grain of salt there.)

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