Kate Beckinsale?

Wait, that’s Kate Beckinsale in Van Helsing? Whoa, I had no idea. Seriously, movie promoters, you dropped the ball on this one. I haven’t been hiding from the advertising; I see it on websites, bus stops, and TV commercials. Snookums even asked me last week: “Is that Kate Beckinsale on there?” Me: “No way. It doesn’t look anything like her and besides, if it was her they’d mention her name somewhere. And anyway, she was already in a crappy vampire movie last year.” Seriously, why hide the girl? She doesn’t even get billing anywhere on the posters I’ve seen! Was Underworld really that bad?


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  1. Okaaaay, but still, she’s a relatively hot chick and she’s got her fanboys, right? I just don’t get why they’re only playing up Hugh Jackman, when his generic fan (middle-aged woman) isn’t exactly the target audience for this type of film.

  2. No, ‘Underworld’ was excellent! (for a vampire movie, anyway)
    Maybe Kate Beckinsale’s role in ‘Van Helsing’ is too small..?

  3. Here in America, they’ve added David Faramir Wenham to the previews, just to get out the LotR fanboy vote. (The same reason they blipped Andy Gollum Serkis in the 13 Going on 30 commericals) Van Helsing is reportedly terrible, but it doesn’t have to be very good to be better than Underworld, which made no sense at all, IMHO.

  4. I thought that Kate was very visible in the previews that I’ve seen here in the U.S. Maybe they’re hyping local-boy Jackman more in Oz?

  5. Wait, Faramir’s in this too? That’s very weird, because he’s an Aussie and they’ve really played up the LoTR connection when the last local movie he did came out. Yet I haven’t seen him in *any* of the previews. It’s all just Hugh running around, big scary winged white demon coming at him, maybe a couple shots of (as I thought) random Russian babe, and then a quick one of Hugh ripping his shirt off. So I guess they’re just going for the Hugh angle. (He’s promoting it on Rove, the big talk show here, tonight.)

  6. This version of Transylvania is bizarrely overstocked with Australians – Richard Roxburgh (the evil South African henchman from “MI:2”) plays Count Dracula himself.

  7. i think underworld was awesome,and making it was romantic for kate because husband len wiseman purposed to her and on mar 9 at the Bel-air hotel they got married.daughter lily sheen recevied her owen ring to by len wiseman,and he,did good on directing “underworld” and for kate being a former ballet she is good,for changing her attitude=) i am kate beckinsale’s #1 fan

  8. on may 9 she got married

  9. any comments e-mail me at hoffman108@aol.com thanks

  10. I could barely read any of that. “Kate Beckinsale’s #1 Fan” should do a better job of representing her! Please consider trying to make your comments more understandable in the future.

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