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I had a request to make my old themes available so I’ve just added a “theme switcher” to the upper-right corner of the home page. All my previous designs (within this look-and-feel) are there. Selecting one should set a cookie that persists across the site. Let me know if you have any problems with it!


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  1. did i?
    cool, nice one.

  2. btw, i’m going to grab your blog engine and use it when i get around to putting my new site together. i like it.

  3. The Snook mentioned something about it the other night… 🙂

    I’m cringing at the thought of you looking at my code though. It’s not great. I really need to do a new revision and clean it up some more. There are a couple bugs too. But it’s a good basis to start from, and hey, it works for me.

  4. Yeah the theme went away on the comments page. What’s the pink skulls theme anyway?

  5. Whoa, just noticed that myself! Crap, I know what it is…

  6. Okay, fixed now. Thanks for that. 🙂

  7. well by the time i get my arse into gear and do a new site (current one is woefully outdated), maybe your blog will be in good shape so i can play around with it and laugh at all the clever comments in the code 😉

  8. since you’re doing requests, may i ask that you reinstate the ‘home’ button, so that once i’ve posted a comment, i can click that to go back to the main page, rather than clicking the ‘back’ button on my browser twice?

  9. I thought the ‘home’ link was redundant, because the web-goddess logo is a home link on every page. Has that standard fallen by the wayside? I always try to click on people’s banners to go back, but I’ll reinstate the link if this is confusing.

  10. As above asked by Dan, I was wondering what is the reason for the pink skulls?

    Are you now a sea faring lady or something..

    Oooo Arrr!

  11. the web-goddess logo take you home! d’oh! I’ve also been hitting the back button. and i was wondering about the pink skulls myself…

  12. I had no idea the skulls were so perplexing! I just thought they were fun. Sometimes I’m whimsical like that. 🙂

  13. I don’t have a personal email for you atm so here goes (funny this 😉 )

    Quentin Blake’s website was made by a new company started by John Stevens.

  14. Whimsical is a brilliant word! I must remember that one more.

    I don’t know why but as soon as I read it, Whimsical Cat popped into my head.

    I’m sure there is a kid’s book in there.

  15. Ha! I was actually in the loop on this one. John IMed me last year to tell me about it when he was working on it. 🙂


    I’m outta it re ND people other than Alex Bull atm.

    Bumped into John at Gatwick airport while chucking my wee bro on a plane back to Glasgae.

    Oh well I should have known the W-G knows all on the web 😉

  17. Oooooooohhh. OK. Now I know to click the logo. Silly me. *blush*

  18. I discussed the logo-as-link thing with the Snook, and he seems to have never learned that it was the huge standard that I thought it was. So maybe it’s just a Jakobian thing that I ran with. I’ll put the ol’ “home” link back in when I get a chance.

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