Tales from the Physiotherapist

Tales From the Physiotherapist
Her: “Just lie down here on the table on your front… Hmm.
Me: “Hmm?”
Her: “Wow, one of your buttocks is noticeably larger than the other!”
Me: “WHAT??
Her: “Yes, your right buttock is clearly more developed than the left. I’ve never really seen it to that degree before.”
Me: *speechless*
Her: “Here, put your hands around on your buttocks… There, can’t you tell the difference?”
Me: “Would you stop saying ‘buttocks’? They’re not… Oh. My. God. My ass is lopsided!”

I must ask that you now all refrain from looking at me from behind, as I am a misshapen troll. Happy friggin’ Cinco de Mayo.


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  1. Oh my. After checking my own cheeks, I feel comfortable laughing them off @ that story. Thank you for a fabulous start to my day. 🙂

  2. Get this. When the Snook heard the story, he sought to reassure me: “She was telling you lies. Your breasts are lopsided. Your ass is symmetrical.” Yeah, thanks.

  3. I think God must have dealt you a bum deal there 😉

    It’s your buttocks just realigning themselves to fit in with the new sleeker Kris Mk III.

    I think there should be a doctor’s thesis about that somewhere. “Realignment of the Buttocks and Gravity Adventures” by

  4. That’s funny, but it does not make you a misshapen troll.
    Have you been riding a Razor Scooter? It is Clinton’s greatest fear that he gets one arse cheek larger than the other and subsequently swaps his pushing leg quite frequently.

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