Depressingly grown-up

In the space of a single week, the Snook and I have signed up for a health fund and purchased a salad spinner. We are depressingly grown-up.


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  1. It’s not that bad, really. You could be buying matching recliners!

    My ten year old niece loves my salad spinner. She later used some of her piggy bank money to buy one for her house. She’s weird.

    I started my Roth retirement fund and purchased my first non-work related life insurance policy when I was 19. Unfortunately I think I’ve been depressingly grown-up since I was about nine.

  2. Holy crap. You have LIFE insurance? That *is* depressingly grown-up. I order you to go out next weekend and do something extremely childish, like paying way too much for a frou-frou cocktail or putting funny-coloured streaks in your hair. That’s what I always do when I feel an attack of maturity coming on… 🙂

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