Kill Bill

The Snook and I finally got around to seeing Kill Bill Vol. I tonight, and I frickin’ loved it. Snookums… not so much. I’m definitely seeing Volume II though, even if I have to go without him.

On a related note, Ebert liked Van Helsing! Sometimes he’s weird like that.


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  1. funny! we just watched it this week, too! i felt the same way after watching the first LOTR – i was like, “we HAVE to go to the theater this weekend!” the RZA’s soundtrack and mixing skills pulled it all together. i was thoroughly entertained.

    though dan liked it, his first and last comments were “it was really violent.” maybe he and rodd are both just wussies!

  2. Take him to Vol 2. Less violence, more story. It’s fantastic!

  3. He didn’t mind the violence per se; he just thought it was all flashy fighting with no story. He was interested to hear that the second one fills in the details, so hopefully he’ll go with me to see it.

  4. I loved it, too. The husband wanted to drive to the Rave immediately, but there wasn’t time. We didn’t mind the violence, really, because it was so over-the-top that it was like watching a live-action anime. Great flick!

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