Gay marriage begins in Massachusetts!

Gay marriages go ahead in Massachusetts. I wish I’d known last July when we visited Boston that the State House we toured (complete with Sacred Cod) would be the scene of such momentous civil rights debate. Congratulations to all the loving couples finally getting legal recognition for their union, and to the Massachusetts Supreme Court for having the courage to make such a stand.


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  1. today i’m so proud to be a masshole!

  2. Yay for Massholes! 🙂

    (Hey, Reen, so there’s a 3-day waiting period, right? I was thinking of maybe sending flowers down to a couple after they get married. Do you think folks would be doing it at City Hall or something? Would you be able to help me out with that?)

  3. yes, but i guess some couples applied for a waiver to skip the waiting period. (check out the stories on i think they’re doing the weddings at city hall and at some courthouses. i’d probably just send the flowers to their apartment to be sure. i can let you know a florist- maybe Kabloom? there are several in the area.

  4. Ooh, I just saw them! How sweet! I might check around and see if the folks who sent flowers to San Fran have made any arrangements for Boston.

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