Feline Medical Curiosities

Feline Medical Curiosities. Oh, the poor kitties! The ones with no eyes freak me out.


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  1. um…this link took me to a MS run/walk. Was it supposed to do that?

  2. Hahaha… That’s pretty funny. I pasted in the wrong link. I’ll fix it.

  3. That was so sad.
    I have to admit though that the two headed kittens, the green cat and the obese cats were somewhat “cute”. I’m disturbed, I know.

  4. I was reading elsewhere that apparently most of the cats down at Hemingway’s house in the Florida Keys are polydactyl (because of interbreeding). I don’t mind those so much. The kitty with three eyes will HAUNT MY DREAMS FOREVER though. *shudder*

    (PS – My first Cabbage Patch kid was named Noreen!)

  5. AAAAAAUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!! *shaking* THAT was morbid!! i have to go find julie so I can “re-implant” the image of what a kitty looks like in my head.

  6. Cabbage Patch dolls are freaky looking…but I owned a couple of them too when I was younger!

  7. depends on what kind we’re talking about. the older ones? I had one – her name was Cynthia. really ugly. The preemies were a little better to look at. Not by much, i’m afraid. But better, nonetheless.

  8. Mine was the one of the original ones. Actually, mine was one of the ones with *glasses*. I think they were trying to make me feel better about my nearsightedness.

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