Feline philanthropy.

The whole Famine experience has inspired me to be more charitable on a regular basis. That’s why I’ve arranged to volunteer at the Cat Protection Society Op Shop! I’m starting this Saturday morning. The op shop is the Society’s main source of funds for the cattery and it’s staffed entirely by volunteers. We had such a great experience with them when we got Dr. Amy Jones that I want to give something back to them. (They’ll also be getting a hefty donation of old clothes from the last time I cleaned out the wardrobe.)

Note for Yanks: An “op shop” – short for “opportunity shop” – is like what we’d call a “Goodwill” in the States. The difference is that there are many different organizations that run op shops here as fundraisers for various causes.


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  1. I think you mean “thrift store” — Goodwill is no doubt trade-marked like Xerox and Kleenex. 😉

  2. Ahhh, good point. I couldn’t remember what the right terminology was. In my boring area of Indiana, Goodwill is pretty much the only thrift store around.

  3. Good luck! Hope your first day goes well.

  4. Aw man, you are gonna come home with new stuff every time you work.

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