Gorgeous sweater.

Kirsty has finished a gorgeous new sweater. I love those colors.


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  1. thanks!

    i wish i could take credit for the colours but it’s about the only thing i’ve ever made where i took the colours straight off the pattern coz i liked them so much 🙂

  2. That was in cotton too, wasn’t it? I might have to copy that idea.

    It’s funny; I don’t think I’ve knitted a single item where I actually used the wool recommended. (Mostly because most of my books are from the US and use wool that isn’t available here.) That’s why it always annoys me to see knitters (on Glitter and on various knitting blogs) moaning about how difficult it is to find the particular wool for various projects. I’m like, just use something else! Grow a pair! 🙂

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