Announcing the Snook-Howard World Tour 2004

Announcing the Snook-Howard World Tour 2004!
The tickets are all booked for our trip home to Indiana for my sister’s wedding in November. We’re going to be stopping in LA for a few days on the way out and San Francisco for a few days on the way back. Anybody have any recommendations for Vegas or San Fran? We’ve never been either place so any advice or tips would be welcome!

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  1. 😉

    Also China Town is meant to be one of the best there but since you Sydneyiers are catered well on food like that maybe it ain’t such a hot item for you.

  2. Woo! I’ll check Vegas for you this weekend. Did I mention I’m seeing MADONNA while I’m there?? I may explode.

  3. Having lived in San Fran for a while, I recommend going up to the Carnelian Room – top of the tallest building, great view & cocktails…

    Also, Tadich Grill on California Street is great. There’s lots of waiters dressed up to the nines, and a great seafood soupy thingo there…

    As for ghirardelli, I have to say that the Cadbury factory down in Hobart is much better 🙂

  4. Thanks everyone. Hotels would be *extremely* useful, if y’all know any…

  5. My recommendations are from when I was 9 and lived in California for 3 months and the C.Town was from word of mouth ..hehe. So no wonder I said the Choc Factory.

    Though I can’t remember this but my parents played one of my “childhood” tricks on me at Fisherman’s Wharf. I used to rush ahead all the time so they all hid and then I started crying etc when I couldn’t see them. Grrrr…parents!!!

  6. North Beach area in San Francisco is great, lots of little cafes and terrific restaurants… The Stinking Rose is a good if you like/love garlic. Also if you need something to do in the day the Exploratorium is so much fun, a science museum type of place where you can play with all the exhibits.

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