Chicagoist – a new group weblog from the Windy City. I like to keep tabs on what’s happening in Chi-town. The Snook and I have agreed that if/when we move back to the States, that’s where we’d like to settle.


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  1. Why Chicago in particular?

  2. Well, really, it’s the only big US city that I know, and it’s just a couple hours from where all my family live in Indiana. I’ve got friends there. I’ve taken the Snook to visit a couple times and he seems to like it (though he has yet to experience a true lake effect snowstorm). I’m a Midwesterner at heart. I like stinking hot summers and freezing cold winters. And I love Lake Shore Drive…

  3. Chicago is ideal. Busiest airport, good public transportation, centrally located, close to the fam, 2! pro baseball teams, and suburbs close enough to get to experience grass under my toes occasionally. I’m closing in on a year here. Soon my newlywed bliss will melt into happy comfort with the city. 🙂

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