Amy’s Hiding Place Revealed!

Amy in her hiding placeSuper Secret Kitty Hiding Place
You know, we’ve spent well over a hundred bucks on various cat beds and scratching posts and the little stinker turns up her nose at all of them. Instead, Dr. Amy Jones has chosen a dining room chair for her special lounging place. You should see the cushion. It’s absolutely white with cat hair. I tried attacking it with a lint brush but I fear it’s a lost cause. We just accept that it’s her chair now.


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  1. That’s a cat for you. 🙂

    That’s an adorable picture!

  2. typical kitty!

  3. A wet paper towel will do wonders. (Not that I would know.) It will be re-covered with hair a day later, but for a dinner party or such you can have a temporary clean chair.

  4. Our white cat also has an affinity towards blue furniture. 🙂

  5. Hmmm. Wet paper towel. I suppose that would work on the couch, too? Thanks for the tip!

  6. You know those yellow cleaning gloves? Well, the nubs they put on to help you grip things will actually help gather the hair. I used it on my in-laws couch after their dog got on the couch and groomed. It worked really nice.

    With Skittles we bought so much stuff it was crazy. After noticing her hanging out in my yarn cabinet, I took some really soft fuzzy acrylic yarn and knitted an 18″x18″ blanket. Now she loves to sleep on it instead of everything else.

  7. In addition to the couchcam, you should have kittycam – mount a camera under the table and point it at that chair so we can see Dr. Amy Jones napping.

  8. Better still, make some tracking device so that camera turns to point wherever Dr. Amy Jones is.

  9. In Amy’s case, her favorite place to sleep is right in the middle of whatever I’m doing. If I’m reading a book, it’s on the book. If I’m knitting, she climbs up and sits on my chest blocking my view. Little stinker.

  10. Oh yeah – it’s HER’S now, get used to it.
    No matter how much you spend on fancy cat stuff, they will always take over the even nicer people stuff. My Bijoux fancies the cashmere blanket on our sofa and a raw silk floor pillow we bought because we planned on it looking nice.

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