Workin’ 9 to 5

If any of you Sydneysiders want a laugh today, head down to Tapestry Craft on York Street. They’re having their big “80% Off” Annual Sale and yours truly is going to be working there all day. Yes, working. I figure that this trial-by-fire will be a good indicator of whether I’m fit to work in craft retail. The old ladies in there get vicious.

Oh, and Dr. Amy Jones’s no-vomit streak ended this morning. Poor thing.


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  1. how long is the sale on? have fun today.
    (oh, and please tell me that they are going to let you fix up that cheezy web site!)

  2. The sale’s on for another week. Today was pretty full-on. Luckily they didn’t throw me on the register or anything. I mostly checked stock and helped customers. Man, I’d forgotten how tiring it is to stand all day long.

    And yeah, I’ve already talked to them about the site. 🙂

  3. I went before we left and got me some brown alpaca blend-y stuff. Is the sale still on? Will they be bringing out any different yarns(not that I need any more or anything!!)?

  4. They’re actually extending it for another two weeks, Helen. I don’t think they’ll be putting any different stuff out, but they might dig out some more of the listed markdowns. I hope so… I wanted some of that alpaca myself but it went pretty quick!

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