Petals Around the Rose

Feel like testing your smarts? How many petals are around the rose? Apparently this is one of those brainteasers where smart people have more trouble figuring it out. I, on the other hand, grasped it by my third attempt. (Link via the ‘Filter, but don’t go there til you try it because you’ll get spoiled!)


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  1. heh. got it on my second go. apparently i’m not so smart.

  2. i must be a freakin’ genius. 🙂

  3. Take you a while, Sis? Snookums too. He said, “It took me ages, but when I found the answer it was something that I thought I’d tried on about go number 3. I must have mis-counted. So then I went off on a bunch of other tangents.” So really he’s a dummy for counting wrong. 🙂

  4. got it right the first time, so apparently i’m a prize idiot.

  5. smartest person ever.

  6. lord, I started looking at this when I was on break at class then had to walk away from it for like two hours…it was driving me CRAZY till I just got home from class and was able to get back to it…then it took me like a few rolls to get it. whew.

  7. actually, not only am i a genius, i must also be a really LAZY genius…cause i gave up after like, 6 tries. i guess i was just too tired or something. 🙂

  8. If anybody still hasn’t gotten it, a hint is that some people were taught the game with the title: “Polar bears around the ice hole.” That might help if the flower metaphor isn’t doing it for ya.

  9. Or keeping with planets since Venus was in the news, “Planets orbiting the sun.”

  10. I became a polar bear at a leadership conference without the help of the internet! It took me nine hours, but finally when I became one, I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and satisfaction! Since then, I have played the game with many of my friends. One day, one of them went on the internet looking for the riddle. They found the answer. By posting the answer on your website you deny people of the pride and joy of becoming a real, legitimate, polar bear! Please consider removing the answer from your website!
    Thank you!

  11. Read again. Nowhere is the answer posted, ding-dong.

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