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Oh, right, so back to the movie… It was fantastic! At first I was gasping with how quickly the story moved and how much material was getting cut out. (Trivia: Aunt Marge is also the Trunchbull!) I can see the need to tighten it up, though. I was also struck by how much the kids had grown, and not just the main three. (Good grief, was that Neville?) I thought Gary Oldman and David Thewlis were excellent as Sirius and Lupin. Oldman, in particular, made me appreciate the character more than I ever had before (and made me sadder about Book 5 than I was when I first read it). The effects were very well done and Buckbeak looked amazing. I was so caught up in the story that when Prongs appeared, I just started bawling. The Snook was like, “What’s the matter with you? It’s saving them!” And of course I cried again when you see the event the second time. And holy crap, were those not the best credits EVER? That must’ve taken ages to animate. The Snook and I watched them all. Kudos to everyone involved. Alfonso Cuaron and his team have made the best Potter movie yet.


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  1. Another thing that I liked (now that I’ve thought about it a bit): the friendship between the three leads. In the first two they were kinda like a trio of crime fighters, but now they seem like real, believable friends. I also loved the new little scenes showing the kids just being kids, like the pillow fight in the Gryffindor bedroom and Ron talking in his sleep. It’s cool, because it kinda fills in areas of the story that you sorta knew were taking place, in your head, but had never really imagined. I mean, think about the next book when Harry learns about Neville’s family, and how crappy he feels because he never asked him about it before. It’s going to be that much more effective now that we see that Neville *is* a part of the gang. He’s not just a plot contrivance or a comic device.

    It’s funny; I didn’t think that either of the first two movies actually changed the way I thought about the characters… but this one did. Maybe Cuaron’s take on Rowling’s world finally illustrates how good cinema can be, and how Rowling’s books – despite their imagination and plot and detail – can sometimes fall a little short in terms of emotional depth. I can’t wait for the next one. (Although I hope they don’t chop Goblet of Fire as much as they did this one…)

  2. they’re gonna have to chop it as much or more, or else it needs to be two movies…i’m scared to even think what’s happening with it.

  3. I liked it, but I was frustrated that it was cut too short (shortest one yet). I felt like certain things/people should have been developed/explained more than they were. Now when my husband finally sees it, he’s going to be asking me questions through out the whole thing.

    GoF, as of two weeks ago, is to be one film. It is also being directed by someone new, Mike Newell.

  4. Bugger. Now you tell me…. We left as the credits started!

  5. neville got all lanky, huh! at first i wasn’t sure it was him.

    re gary oldman in book 5 – i am SO NOT convinced black is gone for good. there’s no mention of anyone seeing him dead. he’s gonna make a come back and save the day for harry at some critical point – like the whole gandalf thing in LOTR.

  6. I know! Neville! I was completely shocked! And yes, those credits were beautiful — never seen anything like it. Loved the cinematography in this one. It made it feel a lot more like Hogwarts should be. I wish Cuaron would do the rest, but maybe he’ll it pick up again with book five. I was very happy with David Thewlis’ performance, as Lupin is one of my very favorite characters. (I’ve got a bit of a crush now.) I was also excited to see Fred & George get a wee bit more time on the screen, because they are my VERY favorite characters. (They remind me of my husband, who is very mischevious.) Must go see this movie again. By the way, do they have IMAX in Australia? Because we got to see it on the BIG big screen in Atlanta, GA. Amazing, incredible, I just wish those little brats next to me wouldn’t have laughed when Buckbeak was beheaded. Wanted to smack them.

  7. loved the movie and the your outfit, RT. i’m a big fan of the books as well, but i think they cut the right amount out. the LOTR movies were just waaaayyyyy too long and drawn out for me, so i’m glad that Cuaron didn’t make the same mistake by trying to fit too much in. Buckbeak was awesome- definitely looked real.

  8. Yeah. I’m not convinced Sirius is gone for good either. They never expanded on where he went to just that he wasn’t coming back. He could even end doing a Ben Kenobi even…

  9. Hmmm… I *swear* I read an interview or web chat with her where she confirmed that “falling through the veil” meant that he was really gone for good. Can’t seem to find it though.

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