My Prisoner of Azkaban costume

Swish and flick!Swish and flick!
Well, that was AMAZING. I absolutely loved the film. But more on that in a minute. First, I need to confirm that yes, I did dress in costume. And yes, I was the only one. Not only that, but the theater was probably only 20% full anyway. So I was a big dork. But Snookums thinks I’m cool and I got a few great looks from some kids, so I feel it was a success. Read on to see all the photos of me in my Hogwarts glory.As always, click on the thumbnail to see a bigger version.

Schoolgirl uniformFirst off, here I am in my Hogwarts school uniform. Details: The jumper is the Weasley sweater I made a few months back. The skirt is from portmans, and the socks were from a random stall in Paddy’s Markets.

Casting a spellHere I am demonstrating the proper way to “Swish and flick!” to Snookums. Yes, my wand is actually a 10mm wooden knitting needle.

Close-upI decided that schoolgirl braids were appropriate, complete with Gryffindor-colored bows. (You can really see some of the red streaks in my hair in that picture.) I wasn’t sure whether I should wear my glasses or not. They’re definitely more Potter-ish, but I didn’t want any loss of peripheral vision should we have to sit very close in the theater. I went with the glasses, and luckily it didn’t matter.

Crucio!If you make fun of my chubby tummy, I’ll put the Cruciatus curse on you!

You know what this costume needs?You know what this costume really needs?

Scarf and robesWizarding robes and a Gryffindor scarf! That’s my new scarf based on the Azkaban design. The robes are actually the Snook’s student robes. (He had to wear them every Monday dinner in college.)

Close-up of Gryffindor badgeHere’s a close-up of my Gryffindor badge. (You’ll recall that I made the badges last week.) I printed the badges on transfer paper and then ironed them on to some plain calico. Then I trimmed them really well and sewed them down on some black felt for stiffness. Then I trimmed the felt and basted it down on the robes.

Close-up of Dumbledore's Army badgeHere’s my Dumbledore’s Army badge (from Order of the Phoenix). I accidentally placed the badges too high, I think. I didn’t realize that these robes are made to be worn hanging way back, so they could stand to move a few inches lower, possibly.

Bring on the movie!Woohoo! Bring on the movie! Bring on the cheering crowds!

Empty theaterCrap. The theater was nearly empty. No one! Where are the crowds? Where the throngs of Potter-fans? Am I the only person dedicated enough to take the day off and make my own costume to celebrate this cinematic event? It appears so.

Wizard Knitter-for-HireI didn’t even get to hand out any of the way cool business cards I designed!

Me and Dr. Amy JonesAt least Dr. Amy Jones still loves me.

So I think I might have to go back to one of the weekend showings in order to give this outfit a proper airing. Any of you Sydney people interested in accompanying me? You don’t have to dress up! 🙂


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  1. amy (not the cat)

    June 10, 2004 — 8:18 pm

    YOU LOOK SO COOL!!!!!!!

  2. i don’t know the first thing about the Harry Potter boks or movies, but even i can tell you look great! nice work!

  3. You looked great!

    (I saw HP this past weekend and loved it too.)

  4. I have no idea who you are, but I had a good giggle at your POA film outing. Love the outfit, I’m going to a big dress up session Friday, but I’ll just let my son look cute.

  5. oh. mygod.

    “madam” kristine?!

    and that cat looks like it’s smiling.

    i have at least a decade’s worth of dorky things i can do before you’ll ever be de-throned as biggest nerd in the family. but still…if you’re gonna do it, do it the best, kris. i applaud you. 🙂

  6. Awesome costume – it looks great when you have the scarf and robe on! It sounds like dressing up for movie premiers must not be a big thing in Australia like it is here in the US.

  7. Fantastic work. That costume definitely deserved a bigger audience!

  8. I’m impressed; awesome costume!

    My only gripe with the movie was that it was released late spring; I’m glad that you got a good autumn release.

  9. You look great! Amazing costume. I wish more people could have seen it.

    There was a boy dressed like Harry at the showing that I went to. And in the dimmed theater, he really looked like Daniel Radcliffe circa HP #1!

  10. Kris, I think you look very cool.

    I saw the film last night at Broadway and although the cinema was full, there wasn’t much in the way of crowds or queues which was a little surprising. There were a few kids in costume, but not many. I think the effort you went to was worth it though, perhaps wear it to an evening session for its proper airing.

  11. In Lismore a few turned up in costume. It is not a thing that normally happens at movie screenings in Australia.

  12. Fun! You look great!

  13. my sister would LOVE you right now!! awesome – so glad you have some fun 🙂

  14. that’s fabulous! you look ace! (and i haven’t even seen any of the films.)

  15. Everyone take note…here is someone who knows herself(right on!)

  16. I really love your uniform! I love your pictures and your humor!! Hahaha that would be a great costume for Halloween too.

  17. Your uniform was great. i did like your business cards. I tried to learn to knit -but failed. how much do you charge for your scarf and sweaters. They are brilliant! donna

  18. Hi Donna. Information on my scarves is here. I haven’t knitted any custom sweaters for folks yet, but I imagine they’d be upwards of about $200. (It takes a lot of knitting.)

  19. that sweater is cute! 😉

  20. you did a great job on the uniform.bu8t i still think you could have done better.

  21. I love how you are dressed up!

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