The O.C. is coming!

The O.C. is coming… again. Remember how I posted about its Aussie premiere last November? I caught a couple episodes at the gym but never enough to get hooked. It must’ve tanked because it hasn’t been on in months. That’s why I was surprised to see Channel 10 start hyping it recently. (They weren’t the network that showed it originally.) The tone of the commercials is hilarious. The announcer is like: “Dawson’s… 90210… Party of Five… We know the shows you love. And here’s a new one: The O.C. Coming to where it belongs on Channel 10.” From that I conclude that they picked up the rights to the show after the first channel dropped it, reckoning that they’ve got the more appropriate audience demographic. Channel 10 is basically bragging that it’s the real home of trashy teen dramas in Australia. It’s like, “Yeah! None of those poofy documentaries here! We’re all about dumbass rich Americans.” I love it! I’m so going to watch.


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  1. Very appropriate campaign. 🙂 I’m having withdrawal from the hiatus. Thank heavens TBS feeds me the Dawson’s reruns.

  2. It’s on tonight! I’m so excited. Bad acting, prominent wearing of wife-beaters, high schoolers who all look 28… What’s not to like?

  3. the OC rocks. and i hated 90210, so i do have some sort of standards when it comes to tv teen dramas. enjoy!

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