Crafty weekend.
I made my first return to the Sydney Sity Klickers in ages yesterday. They’re all so nice! I was able to pick Mary-Helen‘s brain for some much needed knitting tips and I had fun seeing what everyone was up to. My stomach still wasn’t completely settled though so my visit was pretty brief. I was feeling much better today. I met up with gadgetgirl and sidherian for a wander around the Craft and Quilt Fair in Darling Harbour. My experience was much the same as it was two years ago. There were gangs of mean old ladies, herds of inappropriate strollers, and stalls full of way overpriced “kuntry” crap… but we still had fun. We snarked on the scrapbookers and played PunchFeathers the whole time. (Amy pretty much ran away with that victory.) I was dismayed at the high price of fat quarters and the abundance of novelty yarn. I did pick up a few balls of cheap sock yarn from Bendigo, and I found a great birthday present for my Mom at one of the folk art stands. Ooh, and I also bought a kit to make these sweet little Japanese “cicada purses”. I haven’t been able to start them yet though, as I’m slogging my way through yet another round of sock monkeys. Will the sock monkey cycle never end?