Why I Love the Snook

Why I Love the Snook

  1. He secretly cleaned up all the wires and cords around the TV because he knows they drive me crazy.
  2. He happily ate lentil casserole with me for dinner tonight and only mentioned it being “hippie food” once.
  3. He calmed me down after an intense anxiety attack tonight when I realized that by this time next week, I’ll be earning half as much as I do now and working about ten times as hard for it. (What was I thinking?!)

Oh yeah, and that makes five full days of vegetarianism for me! My longest stint ever. Although I have to confess, four different people at work have told me I look pale over the last couple days. I need some red meat! Other than that the detox is okay. I haven’t made it to the gym since the aborted race last weekend, mostly because every night when I get home my stomach starts churning and I’m afraid to venture too far from the bathroom. But the dizziness of days 3-4 has passed and I’m feeling pretty energetic. Maybe tomorrow then…


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  1. is it legal to supplement with iron pills? that might help restore your color. 🙂

  2. They recommend you to stop taking whatever supplements you normally take, so it’s probably out of bounds. I think I’m just adjusting.

  3. This veg thing sounds like BS. Humans need meat! May be you could eat a lot of beans to get your iron fix? Don’t collapse Kris 🙂

  4. You don’t need to eat meat to get iron, but you might need to take a bit more care to have enough vitamin C in your system when you eat green veg – it helps you absorb the iron.
    By the way, speaking of iron, did you know peas have a gene for making haemoglobin that’s much like the mammalian gene? [One of my very favourite bizarre facts.]

  5. i saw this on my yahoo health tips this morning and thought of you:
    Getting Enough Iron In Your Diet (Guide to Iron-rich Foods)

  6. Thanks, everyone. I’m actually eating quite a bit of stuff from the link Kristen mentioned, so maybe the lack of iron is all in my head. I have water with lemon juice first thing when I wake up and then lots of fruit during the day, so I don’t think Vitamin C is a problem. I’m also eating lots of dried fruit, nuts, and green veggies. So I’m probably okay. I think my feeling of rundown-ness is more to do with not having been to the gym in ages – but I remedied that last night!

  7. Then why don’t ya get married in Las Vegas by Elvis? It sounds like what you’d do Kris. on the way to Amy’s wedding.hehehehehe

  8. That can’t be little Megan Baker. No way! I’m old now

  9. And I’m feeling a sudden urge to make the site a little more family-friendly… 🙂

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