Harry Potter 6 Title

Yep, I’ve seen it. “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.” I’m not sure about that one. It has a “Phantom Menace” sort of ring to it. And who’s the half blood prince? Voldemort? He’s the only one we know of that fits the bill, right?


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  1. Apparently it’s not Harry or Voldemort. Maybe Ron heh heh..

  2. can’t be ron. he’s a pureblood!

  3. Here’s my question: Harry isn’t considered “Muggle-born” the way Hermione is, because his Mom was a wizard, but his Mom’s family was entirely Muggles. So is it just the first generation wizards the people like the Malfoys have trouble with? Is there some percentage of Muggle that makes you all Muggle? (I’m thinking of the old laws about being a “Negro”.) I mean, Harry’s presumably got two grandparents who are Muggles and two who are wizards. To me, that makes him a half blood. Doesn’t it?

  4. harry is a half blood, hermione is entirely muggle born, ron, like malfoy, comes from an all-wizarding background.

    hagrid talks about wizard ancestry at some point, and basically says that practically all wizards have muggle blood somewhere in their family tree, because wizards would have become extinct without dipping into the muggle realm.

    i think the malfoys has issues with anyone that is known to have any muggle ancestry, however remote.

  5. So back in Chamber of Secrets… There was all this tension that the monster would go after Hermione because she was a “mudblood”, but Harry was only slightly more wizardish than she is. That’s why I don’t get it. I mean, if Harry’s okay but she’s not, then when she and Ron have kids (come on, you all know they’re gonna get together!), presumably the taint of Muggle will be removed from that generation. Right? I mean, Draco (as far as I can remember) has never really snarked on Harry’s mother’s Muggle background, has he? Just cracks about his parents being dead and all. It’s weird that Draco would pass up that opportunity. So if being born to two wizards makes you acceptable, then it seems silly to be prejudiced against a random single generation that happens to have a Muggle parent.

  6. and one more: is it possible to be a witch and marry a wizard and have a freakish little muggle for a kid? (as long as everybody’s not sure it’s the muggle milkman’s?) 🙂

  7. ooh, now that i’ve read that, my curiosity is totally piqued and i sense i’ll get in a huge argument with dan over this. but…hmm. if she considered the title for the second book, then it must have been someone who was or could’ve been a prominent figure in the second book. maybe.

    OR if it’s *not* voldemort, could it technically be tom riddle? or have we already learned all we can about him?

    were both neville’s parents wizards? (he’s lookin’ to get some time centerstage soon, methinks.) i can’t remember though, just know they were killed by the v-man or his crew…

    oooh-ooh – i have a new one! what if it’s like, professor snape or somebody like that! that would be good. or…or…dumbledore! he could’ve been a prince! yeah!

    hmmm…….okay, i need to stop….probably got another year to go anyway for this damn thing…

  8. Of course there are Muggle throwback kids born to wizard parents. They’re called squibs, remember? Filch was one, and I seem to recall that the old lady with all the cats that lived by Harry was one too. And Neville’s family worried that he was going to be one. (The Longbottoms weren’t killed, by the way. The Death-Eaters used the cruciatus curse on them to try to find out Voldemort’s location after his defeat, and they both wound up crazy and in St. Mungo’s. We’ve been listening to “Goblet of Fire” and we just got up to the bit where Dumbledore explains this the other night.)

    I think you may be right on the Tom Riddle thing. He is the heir of Slytherin and all, and that would be just the nitpicky thing an author would do to try to throw us off the track.

  9. Neville’s parents were a witch and wizard (they were both Aurors).

    I’ve also considered the fact that it may be Tom Riddle the term refers to (as he is not ‘technically’ Voldemort), however I’m currently banking on a new character altogether. Who knows, though? Hopefully Rowling will give out a few new tidbits as the release date nears!

  10. Re: The Tom Riddle/Voldemort dichotomy – Rowling has misled readers before (in CoS). I can’t recall the exact quote, but when Harry asks Dobby whether it was Voldemort who opened the Chamber previously, he refutes this, and later when Harry calls him on it, Dobby says something like ‘but he wasn’t Voldemort then’.

  11. i figure draco picks on hermione for being a ‘mudblood’ because it’s the only thing he can pick on her for – and she’s sensetive to it. draco wouldn’t get much of a rise out of harry if he teased him about having a muggle-born mother, but if he talks about them being dead, he gets a reaction, the same way that he goes for ron because his family are relatively poor.

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