Bush fire!

Bush fire!Bush fire!
For several hours now my co-workers and I have been watching a bush fire not far off from our office in North Ryde. It started with just a gigantic plume of smoke down near the river. Eventually a couple choppers showed up – one from the Fire Department to drop water on it, and another from Channel 7 News. My friend Roy took this picture from our office on the 3rd floor. Now we can hear sirens off in the distance. None of the Aussie news sites seem to have any information on it yet. How excitement!


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  1. How excitement, indeed!

  2. The story didn’t make it onto any of the news sites but Channel 7 did show the footage they shot last night. Apparently it was a back-burning operation that somehow got out of control. (They’re saying an arsonist may have been involved.) No smoke on the horizon today though.

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