Marty and Jess to wed!

Marty and Jess from Big Brother are getting hitched. My prediction: Channel 10 will televise the whole event, which will feature Shannon Noll and Killing Heidi performing at the reception (during the AFL Grand Final, naturally). Afterwards Marty and Jess will star in the Australian version of “Newlyweds.” Mark my words!


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  1. Ahhh, scarily, I imagine there is more than a little truth in that prediction.

    (long time reader, first time commenter – hi! *waves*)

  2. Heh! You’ve become an astute observer of Aussie culture.

  3. Awww. Our very own Rob and Amber…

    I hear they’ll also be staring in a new and exciting farm renovation reality show featuring the other big brother constestants from years past.

  4. Ooh! I hope they include Peter and his little orphan siblings. So heartbreaking, those little battlers… *sigh*

    (And hi, Niffler! Welcome!)

  5. Looks like you were right…Marty and Jess are having their own Australian version of Newlyweds – a 6 part show culminating with their wedding.

  6. Good grief. Thanks for the link…

  7. Yikes, it’s true. I just saw an ad for Jess and Marty’s ‘Outback Wedding’. Come on, admit it… you’re all going to be watching!

  8. Oh God. I saw it myself tonight. *puke* Yes, I’ll probably be watching, but I make this personal promise to myself: I shall drink continuously while viewing. Alcohol should numb my sense of shame.

  9. *nods knowingly*

    Sweet liquor… eases the pain.

  10. Although if Killing Heidi plays their reception, I’ll probably have to be hospitalized…

  11. i think that they will make a great interesting couple

  12. does any one love jaffas and or millsy as much as i do

  13. hay sexy pepole i love jess she is so funny

  14. Oh good grief. I didn’t intend for this post to pull all the (non-ironic) Marty and Jess fans out of the woodwork.

  15. if you build it, they will come.

  16. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen!

  17. awwww they are so cute ..getting married under toilet pipe…wish them all the best though..they made BB2 worth watching…and i also wondered if pete and the orphans would be there they could be flowergirl and ring boy

  18. Is that Steve? (Pink Bitz is an in-joke with one of our friends.)

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