Ben’s Game

This one’s for my sister, who works for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of California. A nine-year-old kid named Ben was in remission from leukemia and told the Make-a-Wish Foundation that he wanted to design a video game that would help kids like himself with the pain and stress. LucasArts stepped in to make the dream come through. Now Ben’s Game is available to play. I haven’t tried it out yet since I’m still at work, but it got good reviews from the folks on the ‘Filter.


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  1. Hey Kris! This has nohting to do with the writing up top. This is ya Cuz Megan. I’m at work w/ mom to day. How ya doin? We’re all good here. Can’t wait to see U and Rod at the wedding. Well better go , Meg

  2. how cute is she! 🙂

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