Free at last.

Me and the Sheep BagFree at last!
Yesterday was my last day at Epson. Man, last days are fun. Everybody’s nice to you and you get presents and stuff. It makes you wonder why you wanted to leave in the first place! (But only for a second.) We all went out to the Ranch for lunch and then in the afternoon we had the gift presentation. The Head of Marketing gave a very nice speech and then I opened the box (decorated with custom-made Harry Potter wrapping paper by my friend Mardi) to find exactly what I wanted: a fluffy sheep knitting bag! (They’re too cheesy for me to buy for myself, but I’ll happily take one for free.) It was stuffed with wool and Epson toys. All in all, a very nice send-off. Now I’m just enjoying a couple days’ rest before I start at Tapestry Craft on Tuesday.

And in related I’ll-sleep-better-now news, the Snook got a raise and promotion at work! So I don’t have to worry that my inability to stand my Epson boss any longer is leaving us destitute. Kickass.Lunch at The Ranch


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  1. Awww! You have the cutest outfit on! And I’m really proud of you for taking the jump across the proverbial ravine.
    Good Luck!

  2. I’m with Helen, I think what you are doing is awesome. And the raise that Snook got is The Universe’s way of telling you guys that everything will be OK. (ok, mayme his hard work had a bit to do with it…)

  3. Congrats and being free!
    And do post a pic of the knitting bag, it sounds really cute.

  4. Do you know what brand the sheep knitting bag is? Sorry for such an off the wall question!!

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