The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

New hair, tucked!My First Day

The Good: Well, that was different! I can honestly say I did more work in the past eight hours than I did in the previous four months at Epson. It was all pretty interesting, too. We had a lot more people in than I expected and I was kept busy ringing up sales and helping people find things. I also talked my damn head off. Every knitter in Sydney is going to remember the chatty American! I won’t get bored.

The Bad: Man, I am beat. Standing all day is harder than I remembered. My feet kill. And GOD, some of those old ladies are mean! One woman was looking at a really simple mohair scarf we had hanging up so I asked her if she needed help. She said she wanted a pattern for it. I’m like, “Oh, I don’t think there is one, really. I’d guess you just cast on 15 stitches and knit every row, changing colors every couple of rows.” And she was like, “I can’t rely on your ‘guess.’ I need a pattern!” Whatever, you stupid old Feathers-scarf-wearin’ bag!

The Ugly: Oh god. I can hardly bring myself to type it. “How many balls of wool does it take to knit a scarf?” I must’ve heard that fifty times today. It’s like a zen koan. There is no answer! I’m thinking, “Look, there are infinite thicknesses of wool, infinite sizes of scarf, and infinite patterns you can knit on many different thickness of needle, so that means that it would take an infinite number of balls to knit your damn scarf, IDIOT!” By the end of the day I had given up. I just started answering “Four!” with as straight a face as I could muster.

On the plus side, do I not have the cutest hair in the world? This what it looks like with me attempting to dry it without proper round hair brushes. I kinda like its shaggy texture. It’s very Melanie Griffiths in Cherry 2000, I think. Just one more and I’ll stop, I promise.New hair, last one!


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  1. you for got one good thing, just how long did it take you to get to and form work? about 15 minutes? I’d say that’s a good thing!

  2. oh, and YES I love your hair.

  3. Yeah, it was pretty darn quick. I’m thinking about walking it in the mornings to get some extra exercise… since I sure as heck won’t be going to the gym right after work!

  4. I think it’s adorable! I recently had my hair cut to about that length and I love it. It’s SO much easier to manage now (not to mention the amount I’m saving on shampoo and conditioner)!

  5. not that the last set of photos didn’t make your hair look good, but the sweptout do is an A+!

  6. The new haircut is great, Kris–sophisticated and yet still youthful. And I think it looks even better here, with the whole shag/flippy thing happening!

  7. I love, LOVE your new haircut. Very cute.

  8. I love your hair – it’s so cute!!!

  9. Awesome hair! And you look so pleased with it! And yay for the feathers scarf hating!

  10. New hair is great!
    That scarf question must drive you nuts…….
    (I’ve hidden my Dr Who length feathers scarf, I’m not going to wear it again until it’s retro)

  11. Dr. Who length??? Now actually, that could be pretty darn cool. 🙂

  12. Helloooo baby!

    Love the hair…

  13. *giggle* Hi Jann!

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