How many hate groups in your state?

How many hate groups are in your state? Indiana has fifteen and (as I expected) most are KKK groups. My parents went to high school in Butler, which is, like, their national headquarters or something. (Link courtesy of Max, who unfortunately has to contend with “Neo-Confederates”.)


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  1. The “neo-confederate” numbers would be even higher if they counted all of the teenage boys who drive the big trucks and wear the Confederate flag t-shirts every damn day. I guess those guys just aren’t real “joiners,” though. 🙂

  2. 53 – good lord. And that’s maybe 60% KKK, but we also have a lot of Neo-Confederate, Black Separatist and christina identity, of course – remember the Branch Davidians? Ugh. So I just checked out Washington, since I’ll be moving there before the end of the year. There’s only 13, with most of them being Neo-Nazi. This whole thing has been enlightening. I had no idea we had that many groups here in Texas. Creepy.

  3. damn wireless keyboard!!!!! christian not christina!

  4. Hahaha… Now I’m picturing bands of teenage girls dressed up as Christina Aguilera and menacing little Britney wannabes. 🙂

  5. i would be kinda scared of that, even with her new look she has. she’s too swappy when it comes to her look. She’s cute, she’s dirrrty, she’s a brunette, she’s thin, she’s curvy….. it’s shady!

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