Wonders of the World

How many of these 100 Wonders of the World have you seen? I had fifteen, but only because we saw, like, all of the Italy ones on our trip last year.


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  1. 13 – I’ve also seen several of the Italian ones. Still have yet to visit Bali, though!

  2. Wow — I’ve been to 10, much more than I expected… (and still haven’t been to Italy!)

  3. 23!!! Wooo hooo. Mostly thanks to trips to USA, Brasil and Italy. And I believe I have pictures to prove all of them except Mont St Michel as I was a student when I saw it. So why the French one and not St Michaels Mount in Cornwell Eh?

  4. Woah – I’ve been to/seen 30 of these! I’ve been to Egypt and Italy, which seems to account for quite a number of the ‘wonders’.

  5. dang, i actually managed 11! although i don’t know if i get to count the Statue of Liberty, only having seen it from afar.

  6. Only 12; guess I need to plan another trip!

  7. I counted the Statue of Liberty, despite only having seen it from the top of the Empire State Building, so I say count it! 🙂

  8. I can’t believe that The Sydney Opera House and The Sears Tower aren’t on it. hmmm.

  9. Yeah. If the Sears Tower were there. I’d have one more 🙂

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