I hate Roger Clemens.

Ah, it’s good to feel the Roger Clemens hate. I was annoyed when I read that he was pitching to my boy Mike Piazza in the All-Star game, but afterwards I felt pretty darn cheerful that he’d completely blown it. Obviously my constant harping on the man has been the equivalent of a blogging voodoo doll and I have been the instrument of his downfall. Kickass. (Link courtesy of Kevin.)


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  1. Yeah I am no Clemens fan either. My Dad is into baseball. He said that maybe Piazza was telling batters what the signals were, a la Bull Durham. That would have been delightfully sly.

  2. Clemens is a fat bastard. I like how the author of that article ripped on his often praised “training regimen”. I mean, Lance Armstrong’s training regimen is one to be praised. But a fat, selfish baseball picther? not so much. His only redeeming quality is sticking it to the Yankess like’s he’s doing. now they know how the red sox felt.

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