What’s your ideal job?

What’s your ideal job? Mine is an “Animal Therapist”, and Snookums is a “Monkey Impressionist”. Seriously. Actually those two kind of go together… (Link courtesy of Max the Human Shield.)


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  1. I got gigolo. Maybe if I changed genders, but uhh, eww.

  2. mine is ‘anything that’s not what you’re doing now’. hrm!

  3. eeek! i got prostitute!

  4. “Your ideal job is a Satan.”


  5. Ha! “Puppeteer”

  6. i was killing time at work so i typed in my boss’s name and his came up “Evil Boss”. i printed it out and taped it on his door.

  7. My ideal job is a dentist. Yuck! Hang on, they make a lot of money. Okay!

  8. Ummm, okay….mine’s Porn Star…..??!!
    And funnily enough, Andrew’s is Prime Minister – sort of fitting considering he loves politics and HATES John Howard.

  9. “Between the hours of 12 and 1pm on days with a W in them”


    …add while making 6 figures, and they’ve nailed it!

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