Self-patterning socks

Self-patterning socksFinally, another finished object: self-patterning socks for Mom! I used Opal Sockenwolle that I got from Knit-It in Beecroft. As all the previous socks I’ve knitted are too baggy to be worn with shoes, I tried to make this pair a bit smaller and tighter than normal. I can just get them over my chubby feet which hopefully means they’ll be appropriately sized for Mom. The only problem is that I’ve still got a substantial chunk of wool left over… and I’m not sure what to do with it. Maybe wrist warmers?

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  1. Very cute! … Maybe a matching beanie? *grins*

  2. Kris, I offer you the same suggestion I make to everyone who wonders what to do with extra fabric, yarn, or even leftover wrapping paper: Bible Cozies!

    (Note: Not a real suggestion–I just think the phrase “Bible Cozy” is really funny.)

  3. Don’t tempt me, birthday boy… 🙂

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