Trevor wins Big Bro

Awww, Trevor won Big Brother 4! I totally screamed and got all teary when he proposed to his girlfriend. How very Rob and Amber, except without the whole “sleaze-tache” thing goin’ on.


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  1. Aw, hehe, I just posted a very similar entry. How sweet was the proposal?? *sigh*

  2. I was just pleased to see a black guy win a white competition on white man’s TV in an occidental world. Great that his ex-wife and kid were also involved. And weird that his girl was called “Bree”.

  3. I think his girlfriend was actually “Breea”, wasn’t she? But oddly enough, I don’t think race had a lot to do with it. He was a favorite from the very first night. I liked him simply because he was the only contestant willing to admit that he’d like to win (as opposed to just going in “for the experience”). He also didn’t act like a complete dickhead when they went into the house. I think people thought they could’ve been friends with him. He was entertaining without drama.

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