Dude, where’s my fetus?

Me: Ooh, change the channel. I think that fetus thing is coming on.
Snook: What fetus thing?
Me: Oh, you know, the documentary that woman made that’s been in all the news. What’s it called?
Snook: Not Without My Fetus?
Me: *giggle*
Snook: Dude, Where’s My Fetus? The Fetus Strikes Back?
Me: *uncontrollable laughter*

It just continued on from there. Five days later we’re still throwing out gems like 2001: A Fetus Odyssey and Citizen Fetus. It’s fun. Try it.

Note: For the record, the film was called My Foetus, which is obviously way too lame and unmemorable. And it has that weird “o” in it.


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  1. My Left Fetus?

  2. Fellowship of the Fetus and Saturday Night Fetus make me chuckle to myself….outloud

  3. Journey to the Center of the Fetus … or … The Man Who Shot Liberty Fetus?

  4. The Godfetus

  5. Pulp Fetus. Fetus Gump. Back to the Fetus. All Quiet on the Western Fetus.

    (I’m going to hell for this.)

  6. Meet the Fetus.
    My Left Fetus.
    Night of the Living Fetus.
    Evil Fetus III: Fetus of Darkness.

    (I have a way of taking a joke to new lows)

  7. Personally, i like The Fetus Menace

  8. RoboFetus, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Fetus, O, Fetus Where Are Thou….

  9. Hahaha… Yes, we’re all going to hell.

  10. 3 Men and a Foetus (yes, also going to hell). Foetus the Kid. O Foetus, Where Art Thou?

    There are too many possibilities!

  11. Aw, someone did ‘O Foetus, Where Art Thou?’ – sorry! But it does rock. :p

  12. where are we going and what are we doing in this handbasket????

  13. Not Without My Foetus, Y Tu Foetus También, Foetus-Hur, A Clockwork Foetus, The Last Temptation of Foetus, and of course M. Night Shymalan’s The Foetus.

  14. (oops, you already said the first one)

  15. Ah! Manos: Hands of Fetus

  16. Foetal Attraction, Fetus vs. Fetus, Fetus on a Hot Tin Roof, Gone With the Fetus (that took it a little too far)

  17. The Fetus of Oz, Monty Python and the Holy Fetus, My Big Fat Greek Fetus, The Good The Bad and The Fetus

  18. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Fetus.

  19. Don’t Go Back to Fetus Lake!

  20. The Scent of a Fetus. Dr. Strangefetus or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fetus.

  21. *snort* Thanks, Daniel; I have Diet Coke up my nose now. 🙂

  22. Twin Fetuses, Blue Fetus, Fetus at Heart, Lost Fetus, Fetus Drive, Fetus Walk with Me. Apologies to David Lynch.

  23. Foetus uber Frisco springs to mind, and several other disturbing band names used by JG Thirlwell – see http://www.foetus.org

  24. wait, wait, wait, someone else around here is a Peorus fan? I was going to make the jokes but didn’t think anyone would get them….strange….

  25. damn, that sould read “Foetus fan” but in my excitement I forgot to spell check. oops.

  26. Saw Foetus on TV in about 1986, bought my flatmate of the time one of the albums. “Another hungover morning from the bottom of the black lagoon.” Strange what sticks in the mind.

  27. “…purgatory disguised as a womb with a view…” aw, man, now I’m going to have that in my head all night!And you saw em on TV?!?!? Lordy, the TV I was watching in 86 was not that cool.

  28. Man, this discussion has really rambled, hasn’t it? It’s like “fetus” is some conversational nexus of the universe. We’ll all be talking about it for days. 🙂

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