Sweet Mittens

Dude, sweet!Sweet mittens, eh?
So I finally finished my own pair of Broad Street Mittens with just a few weeks of winter left to spare. As you can see, mine are knitted in navy “argyle” sock wool from Heirloom. I basically followed the pattern as written (with a few exceptions based on the error I mentioned in the previous post). And yeah, I embroidered “DUDE” and “SWEET” on the backs of the mitten flaps in a subtle red wool. Heh. Somehow I doubt many of my fellow commuters are going to get the joke.


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  1. cute mittens sweetie. I bet your Dad could use a pair when he is riding his new Harley…or should I say old Harley.

  2. I LOVE them! Have you watched the DVD of ‘Dude, where’s my Car?’ The commentary is hilarious!

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