Heathers and hand warmers.

You know those little handwarmer things, the little bags of goo that have a metal disk in them? And you flex the disk and suddenly the clear goo starts solidifying and getting warm? Yeah, anyway, I was serving this complete psycho hosebeast of a woman today when one totally exploded in her pocket. She was like, “Quick! Quick! I need a plastic bag!” and I thought for a minute she was going to barf until she pulled her hand out completely covered in nasty white stuff. It spread all over the glass knitting counter and started hardening before my eyes. The pocket of her nice wool coat must have been completely ruined. I gave her the bag and then directed her to the bathroom. Then I had a complete Heather McNamara moment in which I praised Jesus for answering my prayers and delivering me so righteously from such a bossy, mean, stupid customer. May all who demean and harass retail assistants suffer such a fate!


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  1. Ha! Thanks for your e-mail on Italy. I think we’ll be doing Capri, Florence, Cinque Terre and Venice. Yeah! Back to your posting…. The movie Heathers really freaked me out when I was in high school!

  2. O_o who the what now? little bags of goo with metal disks in them???

  3. Preach it, sister!

  4. hey you! Here’s that link… you are soooo famous *grin* http://www.livejournal.com/community/spinningfiber/

    oh, and I’m reading that Harry Potter essay. Very thought-provoking.

  5. They look like this, Shan.

    And thanks for stopping in, Monica! It was Helen, as I expected. šŸ™‚

  6. totally OT, but the Sydney SnB has moved…http://sydneystitch.cjb.net/…Yes, I thought you’d like the Tapestry Craft link.

  7. Nice. So that’s the old pub knitting group? I’ve had a couple people ask me about it at the shop. (Aside: I’ve already approached Albert about putting up a bulletin board where we can collate all this information. There are a lot of groups meeting but not centralized source for finding out about it!)

  8. yeah, I just got the image to work…finally…Hopefully of you do get a bulletin board up the link might get some more interest.
    I think I might need to skip a class so I can go to the Monday knitting night, you interested?

  9. Sure. Which Monday? (It might help to list a couple dates so we know which ones the alternate Mondays are.) šŸ™‚

  10. yeah, I know, I don’t have the dates right now…but I’m hoping to get those up soon.
    Did you get to see the whales in the harbour today? I had to work, but apparently they were near Darling Harbour! wow!

  11. Nah, I just saw ’em on the news last night. In the footage we saw they were practically in Circular Quay!

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