Food swap?

Anybody in the States up for a food swap? I’ve been having a craving for Little Debbie lately that cannot be ignored. (Yeah, yeah, diet schmiet.) I’m willing to send off a little care package of Australian goodies in return. Who’s up for it?


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  1. dude, i can’t believe nobody’s responded to this yet. i’m in. little debbies are cheap as hell. is it legal to ship them? whattdya want? oatmeal cream pies? oh yeah. i know you do.

  2. Thanks! I just posted it a couple hours ago! Anyway, yeah, definitely outmeal cream pies. I’d also like some of the peanut butter bars. Hmm, I’m looking at Little and it appears they’ve changed some of the names and packaging! I actually want “Nutty Bars” and “Peanut Butter Crunch” bars. Ooh, and the PB&J Oatmeal Creme Pies! Basically anything. I want to introduce the Snook to all of it. Maybe even some Hostess cakes, if they’ll ship without smooshing. Oh, and a large bottle of generic ibuprofen. I’m all out and that shit is expensive here.

    In terms of legality, all that stuff should be fine to ship. As long as things are wrapped and prepared it should be okay. Just don’t send any fruit, veg, or seeds. Which sounds obvious, but there’s some stuff – like popcorn – that you don’t think about being in that category.

    What do you want me to send you? Tim Tams, of course… I’ll throw in a few other Australian delicacies (like musk sticks!). Just tell me how much you spend and I’ll spend the same.

  3. ZEBRA CAKES! Good god, how can I have forgotten ZEBRA CAKES!?

  4. Ha! I just had a Zebra Cake out of the complete blue yesterday. They’re just like little happy pieces of wedding cake – yeah, I didn’t really get a lot of sleep last night. 🙂

  5. oooh, i just saw this, but looks like amy beat me to it. man, we miss tim tams. i don’t know what little debbies are though. maybe i should check them out. or not, since they sound delicious and highly calorific. perhaps it is better that i remain uninitiated. i can’t crave what i don’t know, right?

  6. yeah, i can score all those things. only it’s not fair…i can get you a lot of little debbie goodness for less than $10. what can you get me for less than $10? i am untrusting of the australian cheap-junk-food equivalent.

  7. I can do you a package too, Kristen! I’ve thought of lots more American stuff I miss, like Golden Grahams and Hostess cakes and Jello Instant Pudding. (Mmmm, Jello.) What else do you want besides Tim Tams? I should just go to Woolies and buy a case; they’re on sale for like $1.80 this week. 🙂

    And Aim, $10 US equals, like, $16 bucks here. That’ll still buy a decent amount of junk food.

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