Vegas, baby!

The Snook and I have officially chosen our Vegas hotel: the Stardust. I was tempted at the last minute by a great deal for a room at the Luxor but we decided to save a hundred books and kick it old-school, Rat Pack style. Now we’re just trying to decide if we can actually do the drive from LA only a day after our 14-hour flight from Sydney. Greyhound is only $50… Maybe we’ll just bus it. Any thoughts?


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  1. Hmm, tackling LA freeways after a long driving drought and 14 hours on a plane? I vote for the bus. Plus, having a car on the strip is worse than useless… I think they have a new monorail or something in Vegas now?

  2. I bet you could find a quick flight almost a cheap as the Greyhound trip and about as $$ as the rental car and gas.

    I just took Greyhound for the first time last week, and it was a pretty good experience. (They canceled the route a few days later, of course, as part of their cost cutting measures).

  3. Bus people are scary here in the US.

  4. i agree. plus, didn’t you see “beavis and butthead do america” ? you’re going to be next to some old lady talkin’ about the SLUTS in vegas!!!

  5. I would take the bus. I mean, at least they have bathrooms onboard if traffic gets bad.

  6. Yeh, try bus or plane. The strip is nasty to try and drive down.

  7. you MUST MUST MUST to go to the Peppermill Fireside Lounge when you’re are in Vegas.

    Oh, and I vote for the flight from LA.

  8. It looks at this point like we’re going to fly. Greyhound are ASSHOLES. They don’t allow you to book on the website if you’re outside the US, so I called the international number. She’s like, no, you can’t book with a non-US credit card. She said I’d have to go to my bus stop and buy a ticket there before the trip. “You mean there’s NO WAY an international visitor can buy a ticket ahead of time?” Nope. Fine, I said. “I’ll FLY.” No wonder they’re going down the toilet. Wouldn’t you think that capturing the tourist trade should be, like, a friggin’ PRIORITY for a transport company??

    So flying it is. Thanks, folks!

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