Saturday night we headed out with Amy and Rob to see Hellboy and eat Chinese food. The movie was pretty good and I can see where the comic fanboys would totally love it. To be honest, it didn’t do a lot for me though. I laughed a couple times and flinched a few more, but I never really got emotionally involved with the characters. I just didn’t care about them very much. There were also a couple confusing plot holes that never got resolved. (Spoilerish example: Why did Rasputin visit Liz at the mental hospital and cause her to burn it up? That served no purpose in his plot. Random.) Sad to say, but the highlight of the whole experience for me was watching the Snook piss himself with laughter during the preview for Dodgeball. Is it any good? Because we can’t wait to see it. That and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. We like stupid movies.

PLUS – I had a moment of pop culture genius at the Chinese restaurant when we were all trying to guess who the hell “Ron Perleman” – who played Hellboy – was. I was like, “You guys, seriously, wasn’t he in that “Beauty and the Beast” show with Linda Hamilton? And he looked like a lion and lived in the sewers? I didn’t dream that, did I?” But I was totally right. And I never even watched that show!


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  1. Dodgeball is completely salvaged by the ending. I was vaguely disappointed until the last ‘game’ and aaaallll the cameos. There were definitely belly-laughs near the end.

  2. It’s been a while since I saw it and my mind is sketchy on this but I think the reason Rasputin got Liz to do that was to awaken her fire power again. She was trying to control it in the mental hospital.

    I guess you’re right re plot. Though if she burned down the hospital then she would be an outcast again and it sort of formed the way that she might join up with Hellboy and the team again.

    Movies, they are silly ain’t they. 😉

    Worst film I’ve seen for ages was The Village. Utter rubbish….. nice throughout then spoiled by a really bad ending.

  3. But what was the point? Did he *intend* for her to go along to Russia the whole time so he could use her as leverage? Because that’s a lotta forethought there. It just seemed random.

  4. Yes, you are right. I guess it’s just a love interest in the film for Hellboy maybe to make him see a bit more human.

    It was probably just a side thing not essential for the film but just to introduce another character into the film. As the more weirdo mutants helping you out the better eh?

  5. I just saw Hellboy this weekend as well. I thought it was all right. I like the whole concept of the main character – you are what choices you make, not where you come from. My biggest gripe with a lot of these comic book based movies is there’s so much background story you can’t cover, so to the average Joe who doesn’t read comics the movies seem choppy and vague in parts. But Hellboy definitely got me interested in the comic, so I’ll have to pick up some of the trade paperbacks to catch up.

  6. “Dodgeball” and “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” are two of the funniest movies I’ve seen in years – after “Anchorman” my stomach hurt from laughing.

  7. See, I thought the whole “choices define the man” thing was pretty cliched and lame. It’s so Star Wars! Or Angel from Buffy. Or Beauty and the Beast. Or Data from Star Trek. Or Pinnochio, for that matter! It just doesn’t seem like a very original insight into the human condition. I understand that they probably have to dumb down the themes for the movie, but they didn’t have to make it that simplistic, did they?

    And darn, “Anchorman” isn’t out here. That’s the Will Farrell one, isn’t it? I’m not sure I’m a Will Farrell fan. I understand that he’s become mega popular in the last few years, but when I last saw him on SNL in the States (oh, round about five years ago) he didn’t seem to do much beyond Alex Trebek and the cheerleader sketch. Not that his Trebek wasn’t brilliant…

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