Huzzah for TiVoisation!

I’m absolutely ecstatic to report that at long last, we have partial TiVo-isation of our household. The Snook has managed to get MythTV up and running with a downloaded Australian program guide. We don’t have enough processing power at the moment to play and record at the same time but the mere scheduling of recordings is enough to satisfy me for the present. Within five minutes we had it set up to record every episode of The O.C., Dead Ringers, and Iron Chef. The first actual program we recorded? This one. (It wasn’t porn! It was a fascinating medical documentary, I swear!)


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  1. suuuuuuuuuuuuure. *wink*

  2. What exactly was the ‘trigger’ (no pun) word that got that recorded?

  3. cool! keep me posted on your progress…

  4. No trigger, I’m afraid. We were just flipping past SBS that afternoon and saw an ad for it. I thought it looked interesting! And it really was. There was a lot of stuff I didn’t know about how the Man has been keeping the clitoris down (so to speak). Like how 2/3 of the health textbooks used in British schools don’t even mention it, and how it’s been alternately included and then removed from editions of Gray’s Anatomy over the past century, and how goons like Freud used to blame it for every ill in the world. Fascinating, really.

  5. Was it girl-on-girl or were there some guys thrown in the mix? LOL – sorry, I HAVE to give you crap about that. I would totally watch that, if I had seen it on. I watched something the other day on…. The National Geographic channel, I think. It was on sexual preferences – well, specifically, what turns this person on and why not that person. That sort of thing fascinates the bejeezus outta me.

  6. This was mostly from a political angle, like about how men have historically denigrated and oppressed women simply because they have “mysterious” and “icky” genitalia. Though there were some interesting sexy-sorta bits, like how this one scientist was doing research measuring how long the female sexual response takes to start. She had women watching erotic films while measuring the blood flow through their, uh, bits, and she was surprised to find that the response started long before the women consciously realized that they were “turned on”. Which goes to show that a lot of traditional stereotypes about women being “slow” or “frigid” is complete and utter crap. The female sexual response is just as strong as the male… You just can’t tell as well visually. 🙂

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