Who’s a damn pincushion?

Who’s a damn pincushion? I am. I got stuck with needles three times today! First I had to go to a “haematology” specialist in yet another (probably) vain attempt to find out what’s behind my raised ferritin levels. The real danger is hemachromatosis, but the doctor thinks it’s unlikely I have it since I don’t have a corresponding raised saturation of iron. He wanted to rule it out though, so he scheduled a bunch of tests. They had to take seven vials of blood! I had to get a bunch filled from one arm, then come back fifteen minutes later to do the other! (And that butcher of a nurse took, like, four tries to hit veins on both arms.) Then in the afternoon I headed off for my first round of allergy desensitisation therapy. The doctor injected me (on the back of the arm this time) with a tiny amount of the stuff I’m allergic to. Then I had to sit in the waiting room for half an hour to make sure I didn’t go into anaphylactic shock. Fun. As I SMSed to the Snook afterwards, “He didn’t have to inject steroids into my heart, so I guess that was a success.” Now I just have to do that, oh, every week for the next three years. Would’ve been cheaper to just buy stock in Zyrtec, I guess.


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  1. Oh, man, that’s NO fun. When I was in the hospital for 10 days last year (infection after operation), they had to put in NINE IV lines, nearly one a day (my veins kept collapsing). And I’m fairly needle-phobic. So you can imagine how much fun it was. I can certainly sympathize.

  2. i’ve had more blood drawn out of me than a buffy extra this year, but i still can’t get over that needlephobia. especially when they put in that butterfly clip and draw off you as if you were a keg. ugh. take care, kris!

  3. oh lord, don’t even start with that! I’m starting to hyperventilate! I don’t think it’s the needles that bother me; it’s the act itself. I mean, they’re taking my blood. MINE! They’re invading my body – MINE! Yeah, sounds odd, I know. But who said I was normal?

    BTW, Kris, I emailed you the other day about not being able to download GoddessBlog. Did you get it?

  4. Sorry, Lindsey, my beloved computer is in the process of dying (for real this time). When she’s down – which is increasingly often – I can’t get to my e-mails and I have to share with the Snook. 🙁

    Anyway, I haven’t touched the files in a long time and I know other folks have unzipped them just fine. I wonder if your zip program is having trouble with the .tgz? Maybe try a different one, if you can.

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