Sting’s Evil Twin

Uh-oh Brigita… Somebody’s calling out your boyfriend Sting as the most hated man in rock. Them’s fightin’ words! (For the record, I think Fred Durst should be a lot higher on that list.)


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  1. Lenny Kravitz needs to be WAY higher – I’m thinking around a 4. I used to love him (you know, back when he was “cool”). But come on, Target commercials? The Gap? Lenny, you’re killin’ me!! I like to think of this as “Metallica, Part Deux”.

    As for Fred, bump him up to at LEAST #6. He annoys me – he tries way too hard to be that hardcore. And Sting? Whah? I LOVE STING! He shouldn’t even be on that list at all!

  2. I think Lenny just saved that extra room by cutting off the Mary Tyler Moore hair in the nick of time. Give me short or ‘fro, but not a 60’s flip.

  3. I don’t care what they say, GE Smith RULES!

  4. oops, mistimed hit of the Enter key. Let me qualify my last statement. GE Smith, the man who played in the SNL band and backed Hall and Oates. Unforgettable in such clips as “Maneater”…

  5. I can see why people turn on the hate for Sting: he’s pretentious (see: Live Aid, rainforests, tantric yoga), pretty (see: cheekbones), and more than a bit of a sell-out (see: Jaguar commercials, collab w/ P. Diddy, “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”), not to mention the fact that his Adult Contemporary music today sounds even crappier when held up against the Police catalog.

    All that said, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for, well, much of anything. And GE Smith ruined every SNL performance by a musical guest and commercial bumper, so I’m pretty ok with that inclusion, although the Gallagher brothers should have made the top 5, IMO.

  6. What amuses me is that all of those negative criteria also apply to BONO, who I loathe, but whom I definitely would kick out of bed, should I ever be unfortunate enough to discover while sleeping.

  7. ain’t nothing wrong with ryan adams!

  8. I do love his music, but I’m pretty sure he’s one of the pretentious whiny rockstars that I would loathe to see in concert b/c I would want to punch him in the face. At a recent show in Chicago, he sang one of his songs 3 times in a ‘cookie monster’ voice b/c of something a critic said. That’ll show him, Ryan! You got him good!

    Rockstars are such babies

  9. I just had to see who this Aidin Vaziri is anyway (th eguy who came up with the list..). Some of his achievements include interviewing Hillary Duff and calling a Corrs show ‘genius’. This guy can go get stuffed. (

  10. I’m glad other people like Ryan Adams. I understand why he’s easy to hate, but I just like him for some reason. On the other hand, I just discovered on IMDB that his first name is actually David (middle name- Ryan). You don’t get to complain about confusion when you have a perfectly good first name you could’ve used. Boo.

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