Most hated women?

The most hated men in rock discussion is pretty fun. Now how ’bout the ladies? I nominate Fiona Apple right off the bat…


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  1. I abhor Fiona Apple, but worst of all is Avril Lavigne! She thinks she’s so punk, but she’s just another teen Brittney clone. Sorry, Avril, the heavy eye makeup isn’t fooling us. You’re no Courtney Love. And I also can’t stand Jewel. I don’t care if she’s trying to be ironic, the song “Intuition” makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

  2. I officially nominate Christina Aguilera. Yes, she has a great voice. Yeah, she’s pretty. But seriously, what an effin’ bitch! So high and mighty now! I also nominate Britney Spears as “Most Likely To Live In A Trailer Park After Her Husband Divorces Her and Takes All of Her Money Because She Refused to Sign a Pre-Nup.” And the whole “not-wearing-a-bra” thing has GOT to go.

  3. I totally agree, eileen. I mean, first album, avril’s all punk and in her words, “GRRRR!” Second album, what happens? She learns to use makeup OTHER than black eye liner and isn’t so rage-y. And she quit wearing those damn wife beaters. Yeah, can we say ‘poser much’? And when her album comes out, I’ll nominate Lindsey Lohan then. Ugh.

  4. Oh, Reen, you knew you’d reel me in with the Jewel comment. I can’t believe I didn’t even mention her first. Jewel is and shall always be MY NEMESIS.

    I totally agree that Britney’s descending into White Trash Hell, but I don’t hate her for it. I think it’s kind of amusing. But man, “Xtina” drives me up the wall. Lay off the fake tanner!

  5. I second Eileen. Avril’s “I’m too cool to smile” bit is annoying.

    I feel more pity than hatred for Britney. Too much fame, adolation, and $$ too young without enough smarts to balance it out is not a good way to go through life.

  6. Haven’t you seen, Tricia – she’s ALL about the smiles now. I mean, now that she’s been cemented into teenaged brains as a “hardcore rocker grrrl”, she’s smiling, dressing girly and oh – is that BLUE eyeshadow? And is she wearing a dress????? [end sarcasm] As for britney…. good effing god. There’s no way you CAN hate that. I mean, I have one of her pics on my desktop now with a caption that reads “see, we’re not all perfect”. now I don’t feel so bad in my pishy little life. You know who’s another britney in the making… Lindsey Lohan. Party party party. Good lord. I’d love to have front row tickets to watch that trainwreck.

  7. Ack! I must protest! Fiona Apple may be an asshole, but she makes excellent music.

    Britney is churched-up trailer trash.

    Christina. Snort.

    Avril is so, like, *totally* with it, and stuff. I nominate her as Queen of Kewl!

    I used to sorta-kinda-almost like Courtney Love way back in the day, but since the last time I heard her on Howard Stern I’ve decide that she’s officially coke’d out and off her rocker. She’s riding that horse into a wall.

    Celine Dion. Need I say more?

    Madonna. Especially the diamond-hard Swept Away Madonna. Yawn.

    And last, but not least: Barbara Streisand! Blech!

  8. Hah! And I forgot to mention Cathy Lee Gifford. Sucks.

  9. Ooh, and Gwen Stefani! I can’t stand her. Gahhh.

  10. i’ll second madonna. furwearing, game-hunting vegetarian animal rights supporter? there is a modern oxymoron for you!

  11. this is f***king ridiculous, “did you see her blue eye-shadow? oh god we have to hate her for that” “i cant belive she doesnt wear a bra.” WHO THE F**K CARES! why cant anyone just respect the alterity of women and realize were not all gonna be goddamn housewives. this isnt f**king 1899.

  12. Brandy – I censored your comment. I’ve got no problems with dissent in general, but some folks around here are reading at work and school where there are filters. You also might try to tone it down a bit in general to get your message across. The “alterity” of women?? No one was denying Avril’s right to wear whatever the hell she wants. We were merely pointing out the hypocrisy of the way she was marketed by the recording industry as the Second Coming of Punk, when in reality she’s just the same manufactured teen pop star as everybody else.

  13. quick time-out for notable of night: moire, for nominating cathy lee gifford in category of “rock”. high-fives on that hilarity – and if you have a rock album by her, i’m strangely buying. co-dyyyyyyy!

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