Star Wars on DVD… Finally!

Kevin pointed me to this excellent review of the new Star Wars original trilogy DVD box set. I especially liked the shots showing exactly what George has changed from the original. Greedo still shoots first (but only barely), Jabba looks better in the new scenes, Ian McDiarmid has been inserted as the emperor, and (yuck) Hayden Christensen appears as Anakin’s ghost. It’s going on the wish list…


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  1. i hope episode III explains some of the illogics of this, like why we see anakin young now at the end of ROTJ while obiwan is still old, why obiwan and yoda disappear when they die but qui-gon doesn’t. i mean, maybe we’re meant to figure out ourselves, but as winona says in reality bites “i’m really not that smart.”
    oh well, there will probably be a re-edited new sooperdooper this is the last time really ultimate edition in a couple of years. (i’m not being bitter, because believe me, george is getting my money next week)

  2. hmm, best to read the article first, huh? now i know why, but it would still be nice to see it explained in the movies…

  3. Grrr… how many more once-rabid fans can Lucas alienate? Inserting Hayden as Anakin is uttery ridiculous. Fool me once, fool me twice… I’ve decided to boycott Episode III entirely.

  4. yeah, love it, hate it. but I must own it. I’m sure it will be under my tree this year.

  5. I picked it up yesterday…Review here.

    What I still don’t get is why the Ewoks worship C-3P0, who basically looks like a golden version of the Biker Scouts that Ewoks frequently tool on, and not Chewbacca, who looks like the biggest, strongest, angriest Ewok on Endor.

  6. Kevin, the answer is always: Ewoks suck. 🙂

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