Oh, Spike.

Oh, Spike. *sob* I feel like Drusilla when she realized how lame you were for liking Buffy.


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  1. noooooooo!!!! and i thought spike was so sexy, with the blonde hair and the sexy rumbly accent. combined with the video I found of him in an interview, it has officially knocked him from his pedestal. have you seen some of the interviews? Pardon my french, but he sounds like a totally queer nerdy boy! Psychotic ax murderers sound more normal than he does!!! Oh spikey… i shall mourn you.

  2. That’s why you must love the character and avoid finding out about the actor. Case in point? The now certifiable Mel Gibson – but I still love Lethal Weapon.

  3. I already knew he was a big dork from the various interviews on the Buffy DVDs. I had successfully managed to block that out though, until these damn pictures came along. Nothing can block out a ‘fro.

  4. aww come on, he’s only dorky if you don’t put the photos in context of the decade. i’m the same age as james’ and i would have been all over him if he’d attended my high school… and i was one of the cool girls… no, really. 🙂

  5. Now by ‘cool’ girls, do you mean his partners on the Modern Dance team? Heeheee Ah, high school…

  6. I feel bad for making fun of his ‘fro, especially since my own dear Snookums was known to sport something similar in high school. (Note to self: Scan those photos in!)

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