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New Poll: What the heck do you wear when you get married by Elvis? I’m leaning towards the daggy tourist look – mostly because it’ll be the most comfortable – but I could be persuaded.


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  1. Congratulations! Thanks for the email. Just remember, whatever you wear, it simply MUST be accompanied by your Gryffindor scarf!

  2. You do know that you can hire costumes in Vegas, right?
    I say go retro-Vegas-rat-pack.
    And after rent a limo and drink martinis.

  3. I vote for a simple white dress. It’s always fun to see the brides and grooms walking around Vegas. If you don’t dress the bride costume, no one will know that you just tied the knot!

  4. Spike and Buffy. 🙂 Rodd’s still got time to grow that ‘fro

  5. I’m JOKING (please know I’m joking)

  6. white sequins. on both of you.

  7. Vintage velvet tuxedos.

  8. Everyone dress like Elvis!

    I really like the retro-rat-pack idea, actually.

    I’m noticing a new word here and I can’t figure it out from context; what is daggy?

  9. Check this out, Tricia. I think the basic translation is “uncool.” (Etymology: Dags are like cling-ons on a sheep’s bum.) Because I am the essence of uncool, it has become a frequent part of my vocabulary.

  10. Oh My God. I think I found the look we need to aim for.

  11. Love it…but won’t you need to marry someone from high school first, then marry the love of your life?

    I thought that was pretty much the standard now.

  12. You really need to get the pink tracksuit with Hot Mama on the back. And of course, for your significant other, Pimp Daddy.

  13. Yeah, that Britney & Kevin picture is actually along the lines of what I was thinking. My suggestion was going to be to just go to your favorite house of style and get some hip, modern fashions. You’ll be in LA, you could totally hit up Rodeo Drive. Then, your stylish selves can prance around the Vegas strip ordering 50 dollar martinis from trendy lounges. BTW, congratulations!

  14. Princess Leiah and Hans Solo, forget Vegas- go to Disney World and get married at the Star Wars attraction at MGM Studios with Storm Troopers in attendance. Honeymoon built in, you can thumb your nose at traditional weddings and be a Princess at the same time.

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