Bush = Hurricanes

Vote for Bush, get hit by three hurricanes. The facts don’t lie!


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  1. No one in my family voted for Bush and we all got hit by Charley and Frances. Wahhh. I’m just going to assume that it means the state voting as a whole.

    Actually the paths on that are a little off. According to the paper we got, Osceola and Orange counties (both Gore) were part of Charley’s “delivery route”.

  2. It seems more interesting to me to note that the hurricanes hit after the republican convention. This should have been a time for Kerry’s campaign to rally and try to neutralize the media power generated by the repubicans. Instead the media was covering the hurricanes and Kerry’s popularity has slipped. Is that an act of God as well?

  3. I thought the media was too busy covering the history of kerning in Microsoft Word?

  4. Even us atheists wish this story were true, but snopes.com has dug into this one and unfortunately, God doesn’t play favorites (he hates everyone).

  5. Well, duh. I think everyone gets that this was just a bit of humor, right?

  6. Yeah. But there is a little (very little) truth behind it all. Jeanne’s current projected path does actually follow along the Bush counties. Hmmm. Then again I am in a Gore county and about to get a whoopin’.

  7. Crap, I just realized that I deleted the joke part of my response. Sorry.

  8. Your two uncles survived the latest hurricane, Jeannie. The gas stations ran out of gas so they couldn’e fled this time and had to ride it out. Mike said it sounded like a freight train for about 5 hours,then was quiet for about 1 hour and back to the train sound for about another 5. They lost the rest of his roof and had some water problems…and of course out of electricity again that they just got back on. Alex recused a baby bird he named it Jeannie. He pulled it out of the water around their house. Brought it in dryed it off, put it in his dog cage and while they were talking to Grandma on the telephone it flew across the living room. He was pretty excited about it. Rick had no damage at all.

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